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Why is vehicle signage important?

Vehicle signage is a great way of advertising your company at a very low cost in comparison to other advertising techniques. View your vehicle as a mobile billboard and imagine all of the sets of eyes that will view the logo and company information each day and it becomes clear as to why this is such a great advertising platform with huge potential. If your business is within an industry which is unlikely to benefit directly from vehicle advertising, it can also be of huge value by merely acting as brand recognition and instilling your product or services into people’s memory.

How much is signage for a vehicle?

This is a broad question which needs to be dealt with on a case by case basis, however assuming we are talking about a car/SUV/small van;

At the bottom end of the scale we have removable and temporary magnetic vehicle signage which will cost in the low hundreds of dollars. There are not recommended due to the ability to be easily removed, and only a small visible area. However if for instance the vehicle is only a part-time worker these are ideal as they can be applied and removed as and when required.

Mid-range is decals (view them more as stickers) applied to the body of the vehicle which should come in at less than $1k. These are straight forward to apply, can be removed if required, and allow for more content across a larger area to be displayed.

Then at the top of the range is a full vehicle wrap which would be in the 2-3k range. This has the benefit of changing the colour of the vehicle to be more in line with your branding/logo, far more content and information is able to be applied, and some incredible designs to transform the vehicle become accessible.

How to remove signage from vehicle such as a van?

Simply, we would suggest you let the professionals take care of this! In order to save your vehicle from damage, we would recommend that you bring the vehicle in for a removal and cleaning service. We heat the vinyl to make it more pliable and peel it off, as well as using a liquid remover which strips way the adhesive residue – though not your paint work! Note that if the graphics have been on for some time there may be some bleaching to the vehicles paint work that result in the shape or outlie of the graphics remaining visible.

If you did not have a full vehicle wrap and only decided on decals, then these can be easily picked off if you have a spare hour or two. Again however, we would recommend that you let the professionals deal with it to ensure no damage is created!

Why is good signage important?

It is a simple and effective way of advertising your company and its services to the wider audience, to reinforce brand recognition, and though the old adage of “don’t judge a book by its cover” is good to practice in principle, it is often untrue. Some modern sleek and stylish signage to advertise the company will go a long way to getting more feet through the door. And this does not always mean the most expensive materials or manufacture techniques need to be employed; advanced technology coupled with a wealth of experience means that we will be able to maximise your budget and available space.

Where to put signage?

Simply you would be putting your signage in the most accessible areas. If you have a shop front, use it. If you have a wall space that overlooks a road, path, railway line, use it. If you have a vehicle, use it. The more people that are made aware of you, your company and what you do, the more your business can succeed. And again if yours is not a business where you are in need of a huge amount of advertising, then utilise the space for brand recognition, and ensure that you are always at the forefront of people’s minds when thinking about the industry. 

Where to buy signage?

Where you purchase your signage is entirely up to you, there are local sign manufacturers present in most suburbs, and they come in all shapes and sizes. There are nationwide franchises such as Sign-a-Rama, and family owned independent businesses such as Cunneen Signs. Some will be better suited to certain types of work so it is best that you specify that no work is to be subcontracted or outsourced, as this will only add unnecessary costs onto you. For simple printed signage there are many suitable options and all would be capable of creating great visual signage for you, however for specialised items such as welded frames or illuminated letters the larger signage companies with their own in-house factories are always your best bet, both in terms of capability and cost. Cunneen Signs would certainly fit into that bracket along with several other trusted companies. 

Why choose digital signage?

The emerging future for signage is in the digital market. We live in a digital age and this is the natural progression, and with the huge advances in technology that have occurred over the last few years it has also become an innovative and cost effective signage solution. From small scale changeable advertising platforms to Times Square style billboards, there are endless possibilities to suit any budget.

However do not be conned into buying digital solutions if it is not necessary or a reasonable solution. Ensure that the signage company you engage are capable of providing options for you tailored to your requirements and budget.

Why digital signage works?

Digital signage works because it is a changeable and programmable solution. If you have a small space with multiple advertisements to display it is the obvious choice, if you have a range of messages you wish to display then if offers that solution, and if you have small or large scale adverting which you wish to change or update in future, it works! Technology has evolved to the point that the resolution of the graphics is of extremely high quality, though at the other end of the scale simple LED message boards are available at bargain prices if that meets your requirements.

Where is digital signage used?

Anywhere, the possibilities are endless. From shop fronts to airport lounges, bus stops to Michelin star restaurants. Ensuring that the visible area is maximised and the available space is used to maximum effect is certainly a must, so ensure that a professional visits site to survey the space and discuss with you.

How to install signage?

Installing signage can be done by you, by your maintenance team, by other qualified tradespersons, and by the signage contractor or company that you engage. This would always be the ideal solution as they would have experienced installers with the correct tools and fixings for the job.

Delving into that further, we at Cunneen Signs offer a full signage solution from start to finish which includes installation, so our first answer would always be to ask for our services to ensure a quality finish. However if this were to take you over budget, or the location is not easily accessible, or you have the capability to perform the install by yourselves then we are always happy to provide information on how to install your particular sign. We even have procedural forms that we can send out for certain sign types, such as how to install self-adhesive vinyl signage.

How to setup Photoshop file for a signage?

A part of our service also includes generating shop drawings for your approval prior to manufacture of your order, we of course need information on what the sign is to say / display and in what format we require this, so should this information be required by yourselves then we have an ‘artwork requirements’ form which better explains what our necessities are. We can send this to you as and when the time comes.

How much signage cost?

A very broad question, as you may need a door panel stating FIRE EXIT, or a changeable LED system mounted on top of your 40 story building! However rest assured whatever your requirements and whatever the size of the business we are the perfect solution to your needs. We can tailor a package to suit you and your budget, perform a site survey if required, design manufacture and install your signage and generally take the pressure away from you. We also provide a maintenance service to ensure maximum longevity and value for money.  

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