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Since 1971, the team at Cunneen Signs have been using traditional and contemporary production methods to hand make cast bronze plaques, crests and engraved products to suit a wide range of projects across Australia and even overseas. 

With some templates here in our foundry dating back over 60 years we have the ability to produce plaques, crests and coats of arms like no other. We are not just limited to just these traditional templates and methods however, we can design and make a template to suit your contemporary design needs.

Here at Cunneen's we are the only sign company in Australia with our own 'in-house' foundry facility. This allows us to have complete control over production, providing our unique ability to ensure you receive that all important commemorative plaque or Coats of Arms on time for that important opening.

Here our boys in the foundry cast a Coats of Arms using a sand casting of the pattern.


  1. We take one of our pattern and use this to form the mould. The sand is packed around the pattern which replicates the external shape of the casting in the sand.
  2. Air vents are added to the mould and then the surface is given a coating of Graphite to help with the removal of the coasting
  3. The metal is melted and maintained at a temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius.
  4. Both halves of the mould and heated and prepared for the hot metal.
  5. The 2 halves are then joined and weights are clamped onto the mould and placed on top of it.  
  6. Quickly the hot metal is poured into the moulds from the furnace.
  7. The casting is then left to cool for 24 hours and then the next day the moulds can be separated and out from the ashes the new casting is removed.
  8. From here the boys begin cleaning up the cast by carefully filing the edges. The casting is then oxidised and polished and given a clear protective coating.
  9. Its then carefully packed and sent off to the clients to be installed.

A amazing process which produces something truly special.

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The entrance to Town Hall Square at St Andrews House is passed by thousands of people on a daily basis.

St Andrews House Corporation approached us to revamp all their signage along the ‘podium entrance’.

Working with their initial concepts we created this finished product which looks fantastic and was well received by St Andrews House

The biggest task was removing all old graphics which was time-consuming and messy work. 

Graphics were printed in house to optically clear film with an anti-graffiti clear over-laminate and installed to the cleaned glass on site.

The film had to be cut prior to being printed in order to suit specific glass panel sizes.

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PLC Sydney are a prestigious School and longstanding customer of ours, so when they requested assistance with designing and producing signage for their new aquatic centre we were only too pleased to be involved!

Elsewhere within their Croydon campus is a large set of halo illuminated letters acting as their main identification, and as such it was suggested that we mirror this with a smaller set and apply them to the new building. Due to the inability to install the letters directly to the wall surface we fabricated a frame and backing panel to hide the cables and spray painted this to match the colour of the wall. The “PLC Sydney” letters and the logo are halo illuminated as they are the prominent parts of the logo whilst the remaining lettering was left non-illuminated. All are constructed from stainless steel and a vinyl print makes up the logo.

The signage has been inspected by the school and they are very happy with the end product which is in keeping with their modern pool and gymnasium. Our in house installation team will be fixing it in place via our hi-ab crane truck as soon as possible, so watch this space for completion photos!


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Sometimes a product can have many different finishes applied – Cast Plaques is one of those. Here at our Sydney based factory plaques are manufactured in house. Our team can cast your plaque in bronze, aluminium or brass and with finishes include engraving and paint fill, raised text, oxidising or polishing. One client used 3 different techniques in their plaque and the outcome looks amazing.

The Roads and Maritime Services in the South West supplied us with the design details and we fine turned it in our art department. The next step was to make a polymer template, then on to our factory foundry department where our team cast the plaque in bronze.

The finish product required engraving in some areas with some details being smaller than a 5c piece and oxidising the background and text to contrast with the highlighted raised areas.

The outcome for the Kapooka Bridge required variation to standard plaque production processes, but we think it was well worth it for this outcome.

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Cunneen Signs won the tender to manufacture and install signage throughout Canberra hospital. This signage upgrade included wayfinding, directional, statutory, directory systems and vinyl wall decals.

The extensive upgrade has been on-going since September 2014, and is still continuing which each stage requiring a site measure and quote, artwork, manufacture, transporting the signs to Canberra and then installation.

Due to the busy nature of hospitals, we had to make sure that installation was undertaken with minimal disruption to patients and staff.

All signs had to be designed so they were clear and easily understood – especially direction and wayfinding signage.

Work involved extensive application of wall vinyl graphics and illuminated LED directory signs.


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We were asked to create two Memorial plaques for the Holy Trinity Community Centre.

Engraved and paint filled onto 3mm thick 316 grade stainless steel panels, this proved an interesting task as the large disc was required at 900mm diameter which means that it only just fits onto our engraving machine. The offshoot of this was that we had to stop and start the engraving and re-set the plaque in different positions on the table throughout the process to fit all the text, a perilous task but one that our skilled engraver managed with no issue!


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Client: Co-Wyn Constructions

Co-Wyn and Glendenning Szoboszlay Architects contacted Cunneen Signs having seen some of the work we had undertaken at UNSW. They were designing and developing a new arts building for St Patrick’s College and due to its prominent location on one of the main roads running adjacent to the campus, wanted to identify the college and new building as best as possible.

The signage had to compliment the design of the building as well as meet style guidelines of the College. There were also budget constraints due to construction costs. Bearing all of this in mind, we suggested profile cut letters with a spray painted finish, and profile cut crests with full colour digitally printed graphics applied. These would be spaced off the wall via pin fixings to add depth and a 3D effect.

The Architects and Co-Wyn were pleased with the end result, and more importantly the College was thrilled with the building and signage as a whole. Another fantastic result for a great client! 

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One client, six different project locations.

Charles Sturt University has six campuses including those at Port Macquarie, Dubbo and Bathurst.

This particular job took us to Dubbo and included many different manufacturing methods allowing us to showcase lots of techniques including fabricated aluminium, digital printing, computer cut vinyl, spray painting and tactile/braille.

Distance was a challenge in this instance. We could not just ‘run back’ to the factory if needed, so everything had to be triple checked, measured and packed to make sure the installers had everything they needed for a successful installation.

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These stunning building numbers are certainly eye catching and stand out from the crowd.

Fabricated from brass and designed to include an angled fold, these proved a challenge for our design team to draw the 3D detail. However once this was complete and approved they were manufactured by hand without issue and installed last Friday at Town Hall for one of our key clients, City of Sydney council.

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The Sydney Living Museum asked Cunneen Signs to manufacture and install 3 large signs for the Museum of Sydney’s exhibition banners. These banners are changeable to advertise current exhibitions and were to be attached to a blank sandstone wall at the entrance to the museum.

Being a heritage listed building, the fixing points for the sign had to be done carefully and with no damage to the building. This proved an interesting task as each sign was extremely heavy and large individual structures to have to set in place. The end result was accomplished by using 4 fixing points per sign.

The signs are 3.9m x 5.19m making them challenging to transport and install. A crane truck was required for the installation to lift the sign into place however as is evident from the progress and install photos attached it was a success and they look fantastic!

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Client’s Testimonials

“Cunneen Signs offer a seamless production service matched with friendly, approachable and knowledgeable people. Over the years they have supported multiple Olsonwells projects of varied scope and production needs, from a single sign to a total branded environment. We have a 100% strike rate with VERY happy clients - thanks!”
Erica Olson, Principal of Olsonwells Creative